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OmniBridge was founded in 2006 with a strong focus on mobile development.

Read through this page to learn more about us.

Early life 2005-2007

It took us a while to grab our first project but after that there was no stopping us.

In 2006 we became the first Asia-Pacific partners to Research In Motion (Blackberry).

That same year we also became ISV level partners to Fujitsu, Japan

It wasn’t long before we started developing mobile applications for various global companies like DHL, Barclays bank, Vodafone etc.

Our Brainchild TraffiCop Receives Amazing Recognition 2008-2013

In early 2008, we started conceptualising a product called TraffiCop. This was the first m-governance solution for traffic policemen.

In 2010 we received the ISBA award for "Promising Entrepreneurship". Soon after, we successfully pilot-launched "TraffiCop".

All our efforts in producing our Brainchild TraffiCop earned us 2 National awards: "Best Innovative Software of the Year" & "Best mGovernance of the Year" from Urban & IT Ministry of Government of India.

Beginning of User-Centered Design 2014-NOW

Working on our Brainchild taught us so many valuable things. It helped us understand the pain points of our Product Users.

This was a moment of growth. We wanted to transfer all that we had learned to creating other products that would benefits users across all segments of life.

We implemented the User-Centered Design process & gathered like-minded people.

Since 2014 we have been constantly evolving and striving to deliver the greatest user experience for your product.

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