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Competition is stiff in the mobile marketplace. Simply developing an app is not enough.

Users need something more to hook on to your application. We will help you to deliver best in class User Experience. It’s the difference between a good app and a GREAT app!

Apps are a powerful way for your brand to build deeper relationships with your customers and drive e-commerce. At the same time, your app should be user-friendly and deliver the best customer experience. Omnibridge has what you need

Design Strategy

Design strategy will help you identify the best solution to bridge the gap between business & user needs.

Solutions can range from a web app, native app to a Hybrid app. This phase also covers content strategy & future roadmap for your product.

Steps: Stakeholder meeting, user profiles, competitor benchmarking

Research & analysis

What are user's drives & blocks to use your app? Do they really find it useful? What can be done to provide a more delightful consumer experience?

We adopt a variety of research tools that will give you insights and answers to all these questions.

Research methods will be selected based on time & resource availability.

Steps: User interviews, personas, task prioritization, IA, Noun architecture

Lo-Hi fidelity wireframes

Wireframes are the best way to visualize your product. It is important that information is present at the right place and at the right time.

Lo-Hi fidelity wireframes allow us to test & reiterate designs in faster cycles.

The primary focus of building these wireframes is to make sure the client’s vision has been understood by the design and development teams.

Steps: Navigation design, Wireframes

Clickable prototype

Once all designs are in place we create a Clickable prototype. This helps to test design flow with users & refine it if required.

This is a cost effective way to validate your product without putting money & efforts in development.

Clickable prototypes can bring life to your product and help measure and improve user experience.

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