A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of good health but due to stress & diet irregularities this fails. We being multispeciality clinic, are looking forward for a help from technology to better connect with our patients & doctor.

- Dr. Kiran Shete (Founder, Kritam)

We designed & developed a solution from ground-up by interacting with various key stakeholders like doctors, patients & other staff personnel to understand the problem statement better & visualize the prominent gap. Application’s usability & delightful experience was at the paramount concern.

Mobile app

Kritam’s mobile app gives a limitless opportunity for panelled doctors to stay connected with their
patients and monitor day-to-day progress closely.


Web app

Web access is powerful enabler for all their backoffice staff to set diet, workout schedules of the
patient. Comprehensive reports helps Dr. to make timely decisions. Web & mobile app work
hand-in-hand to deliver awesome experience.